Nata Kharit is a Dutch painter living and working in the Netherlands.

Moving between realism and abstraction Nata’s paintings focus on form, light and colour, give a feeling of rest, pleasure and joy of life.

In her work Nata uses oil or acrylic paint.

The dominant style of her paintings is Semi Abstract, differentiating itself from traditional styles by presenting a peculiar combination of mixed modern techniques.

After studying academic drawing and painting, the artist defines herself as a free artist and starts painting in her own style.

Today, Nata is an active artist who develops her own identity and creates unique works of art.


2022 - SWISSARTEXPO / Artbox.project Zurich 4.0, Zurich, Switzerland, August 2022

2022 - Solo exhibition local municipality, The Nederlands, July- September 2022

2022 - Pinkstárt The Nederlands, June 2022

2022 - Biennale Art Expo / Artbox.project Venezia 1.0, Venice, Italy, May 2022

2022 - International Abstract Art Competition, Honorable Mention Award, Art Show International Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2021 - International Still life Art Competition, Finalist Award, Art Show International Gallery, Los Angeles, California